Licensing Services

Licensing seismic data is our business.  In addition to dedicating resources to transition to a completely digital library, we have also invested in streamlining and enhancing our client licensing services. 

Proposals and Volume Agreements

We have created a pre-licensing process to make licensing data seamless and straightforward for our clients.  Our proposals and letter agreements provide our clients with volume licensing options, establish clearly defined licensing arrangements up front and provide our clients with the information they need for seismic budgeting and expenditure approval.


We participated in the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) efforts to create industry standards for seismic data licensing and employ the IAGC Master License model.  This approach minimizes the paperwork and time required when our clients select and license data.  As part of our overall transition to a digital environment, we have implemented digital signature software providing our clients with a convenient, secure and traceable method of executing license agreements.   

License History Management

Our license team has poured over hundreds of thousands of license records associated with seismic data SEI has purchased to insure that we maintain the most accurate and up-to-date license history for our clients.  We developed a proprietary, digital license history management system that tracks

  • the original version of the data licensed, as well as any upgrades to later processed versions
  • the original licensee of the data, as well as any license transfers due to mergers and acquisitions
  • shape data of the licensed area so that it can be displayed using our mapping systems

Our license team reviews all firm orders to identify any previously licensed data, providing the client with the option to upgrade if a more recent processed version is available, take delivery of the previously licensed data as a reproduction only order, or select different data.  For 3D orders, our licensing team reviews and validates the Map Mileage Request, which displays georeferenced shapes of the client's previously licensed data and newly licensed data in the survey including

  • Previously licensed data to be upgraded to a more recent processed version
  • Previously licensed data to be redelivered
  • Previously licensed data from all processed volumes of the survey that will not be upgraded or redelivered
  • Newly licensed data

Our licensing team provides tracking, research and analysis services that are unparalleled in the industry.

Our licensing services team is at your service!