Digital QCs

QC sessions allow you to preview our data quality before you license.  Our marketing representatives and QC coordinators always prefer a face to face QC, where they have the opportunity to stay in touch with you and to make sure you find exactly the data you need for your project.

However, we find convenience to be very important to our clients.  With a completely digital library, and SEI's development of digital QC software, you can participate in a remote QC of the 2D and 3D data you have selected, from the convenience of your office or home office.  SEI's digital QC's are generally conducted via a Zoom meeting and the process varies just slightly for 2D and 3D data.  

Digital QC for 2D Data

After submitting your digital QC request from this website or working with your marketing representative to find data, our automated processes will begin pulling together the digital media and meta-data needed for the QC.  When everything is ready, your marketing representative or one of our QC coordinators will contact you set up a convenient date and time to conduct the digital QC, either in person at your office or SEI's office, or remotely via a Zoom meeting.  During a 2D digital QC, you and your QC coordinator work through the lines on your QC request, by selecting each line from the QC map, and viewing line level attributes, including but not limited to, beginning and ending shot points, mileage, group interval, shot interval, fold, date shot, last reprocessed date and original owner.  Your QC coordinator will launch the View Companion software which allows you to view a seismic section, using a variety of navigation tools to move around the section and zoom in and out.  If the data quality is acceptable, you can add the line to your firm order with a click.

Digital QC for 3D Data

Most of our 3D clients prefer to work with their SEI marketing representative to identify the specific processed volume in our 3D library that best meets their exploration needs. Your marketing representative will work with you to set up a convenient date and time to conduct the digital QC either in your office, SEI's office or remotely via a Zoom meeting.  During a 3D digital QC, our 3D QC coordinator will display all the selected data volumes in your area of interest using our proprietary SeisShow viewing software, and will cover any questions you may have about specific products that are available and the data's acquisition parameters.  If the data quality is acceptable, your marketing representative will initiate a firm order for you.

Whether you're interested in licensing 2D or 3D data, our digital QC's can streamline the process for you.