SEI Profile

Seismic Exchange, Inc. (SEI) is a prime source of premium 2D and 3D seismic data for the upstream oil and gas industry. We have an extensive proprietary seismic data library of:

  • Over 1,650,000 miles of 2D data,
  • Over 58,229 square miles of onshore 3D data, and
  • Over 21,210 square miles of offshore 3D data

Our 2D and 3D onshore seismic library includes large quantities of data within the major oil basins, with the heaviest concentrations in the Gulf Coast area. Additionally, our 2D library includes significant volumes of data within the major shale trends. Our offshore library is heavily focused on the Gulf of Mexico, with data in the Atlantic and Pacific coastal regions, as well as Western Canada. We are focused on continuing to grow our 2D and 3D libraries through a combination of strategic seismic data purchases and new seismic acquisition in active areas.

We take pride in providing the following services to the upstream oil and gas industry:

  • Seismic Data Marketing Services
  • Seismic Data Licensing and Client Services
  • Field Acquisition Management Services

SEI’s corporate headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, and SEI serves the oil and gas industry with marketing offices located in New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, and Tulsa, and with a strong presence in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Lafayette, Jackson, Midland, and Bakersfield. 

We stand ready, leading with integrity, a history of success, and a staff of experienced and innovative professionals. Won’t you let us help you find one?