New Release: 3D Surveys previously owned by EnerVest Operating, LLC

January 5, 2024

Seismic Exchange, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the following 3D surveys located in Ohio that were recently acquired from EnerVest Operating, LLC, and are currently available for licensing. 

Austinburg 3D Survey – 6.85 square miles

Bakersville 3D Survey – 8.8 square miles

Beach City 3D Survey – 19.76 square miles

Gilmore - Gnadenhutten 3D Survey – 34.85 square miles

Harvard 3D Survey – 14.19 square miles

Lenox-Unigm 3D Survey – 38.31 square miles

Madison 3D Survey – 9.69 square miles

Monroe 3D Survey – 10.61 square miles

Raccoon Creek- Lobdell Creek 3D Survey – 19.05 square miles

Pleasant Valley 3D Survey – 15.16 square miles

Saybrook-Indian Creek 3D Survey – 29.65 square miles

South Lincoln 3D Survey – 1.29 square miles

Wakatomika 3D Survey – 17.26 square miles

Additional information and shapefiles are available upon request or by visiting our interactive map at