Field Acquisition Management

Looking for that unique seismic data volume in your targeted area or with your custom acquisition parameters? SEI specializes in seismic data acquisition management services for clients wishing to obtain new, high quality seismic data.

Experience that Matters

Our in-house acquisition management team is staffed with professionals that each have decades of experience covering all phases of field acquisition. Our team makes the whole acquisition program work seamlessly for our clients by:

  • designing and optimizing acquisition parameters to meet client expectations
  • putting together lease option packages with landowners
  • obtaining required government permits and permission from private landowners
  • managing and monitoring all field activities, including surveying, drilling and recording
  • controlling program costs by following tried and true bidding, budgeting and reporting processes
  • setting realistic schedules and managing to those schedules
  • developing optimal seismic data processing sequences
  • working with the processor and client throughout the entire processing project to insure the highest quality seismic products are delivered on schedule

SEI has managed over 100 seismic acquisition programs since the mid 1980’s. Over the course of the past twenty five years, we have developed an expertise for sound project management and pride ourselves on bringing value to our clients.

Team with the Best

SEI has built solid, long-standing business relationships with some of the finest, most experienced seismic data acquisition and processing contractors in the industry. Our approach is to subcontract key activities, such as surveying, drilling, recording and processing, to companies that not only specialize in those core areas, but also make investments in latest equipment and technologies. This approach allows our team to focus on the overall program, to bring our clients the highest quality seismic data, on schedule and at competitive prices.

Excel in Sensitive Conditions

SEI has conducted seismic acquisition programs in federally protected wildlife areas, as well as in densely populated areas; and we have managed our program schedules to accommodate a variety of hunting season restrictions. Operating in such sensitive conditions requires an experienced program management team that can quickly assess the risks and additional requirements, and take appropriate action. SEI has been recognized by the Department of the Interior for our outstanding management of a seismic program in the Big Thicket National Wildlife Preserve. We have also developed a successful “Town Hall” meeting format to set expectations for residents living in or near seismic acquisition programs. Let us clear these hurdles for you, so that you can pursue your goal of finding that next prospect.

Permit for Success

Our in house permitting management team knows that the overall success of a seismic acquisition program and the quality of the seismic data is directly dependent upon obtaining both surface and mineral permits. Our team advances into a program area and uses both the latest technology and good, old-fashioned personal interaction to secure a high percentage of permitted tracts. We use an in-house custom developed permit management system that uploads land ownership information from local courthouses, uses state of the art GIS software to map tracts, and manages the permit status of each tract.

Data Where You Need It

SEI has conducted seismic programs offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, in the swamps of Louisiana, the Texas plains, the Oklahoma hills and the Colorado Rockies. We love getting our feet dirty! Contact your SEI Marketing Representative to see some of our outstanding data from previous acquisition programs.