New Release: Alligator Cove 3D

July 25, 2019

1,014.34 Sq. Miles, Southwest Louisiana

Seismic Exchange, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Alligator Cove 3D survey which covers a total of 1,014.34 square miles located in southwest Louisiana, processed by SEIMAX Technologies, and includes the following surveys: Adams Bayou, Big Island, Buhler 3D Phase 1, Buhler 3D Phase 2, Carter, East Hackberry 3D, East Perkins, Edgerly 3D, Gillis, Hackberry 3D, Houston River, Labokay, North Gillis 3D, Pine Ridge North, Pine Ridge South, Sabine River, Stackpole Island 3D, Starks 3D, Sugar Cane, Sulphur, Tenor and Vinton 3D. All these processes have been merged into Alligator Cove 3D, which is now available for license.

Alligator Cove 3D


Shapefiles are available upon request, or by visiting our interactive webmap at